Agléonema photos

Aglaonema - a useful house plant, remarkably saturating the room with oxygen. The photo of the Aglaonema is similar to the diffenbachia, but it is smaller. For the cultivation of this plant, experience in floriculture is needed, since it is somewhat fastidious. He needs moist air, protection from drafts and direct sunlight, as well as diffuse bright lighting and moderate watering.
Agléonema photos
Photo of Aglaonema
Photo Aglaonema
Agléonema photos
Aglaonema photo 2
Aglaonema photo 3
Aglaonema photo 4
Aglaonema photo 5
Aglaonema photo 6
Aglaonema photo 7
Aglaonema photo 8
Aglaonema photo 9
Aglaonema photo 10
Aglaonema photo 11
Aglaonema photo 12

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