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Aihrizon is a simple and pretty plant that can become a wonderful decoration both in the garden and indoors. In the photo, the ayrrizone is depicted both in the form of a bush, and in the form of a small tree. Likes half-scattered light, winter is well experienced at home. From direct sunlight can get burned. Aikhrizon (tree of happiness) is a flower of the room, a shrub up to 30 cm in height with fleshy leaves, which are covered with fuzz. In the photo, the ayhrzron is depicted as a small miniature tree. Prefers light bright and diffuse, but with a lack of daylight - the stems are stretched. Irrigation is rare, regular, flowering occurs up to 6 months, reproduction - by cuttings and seeds. Can grow like a bush, or like a tree. Transplant the plant as needed, at the bottom of the pot use good drainage, and in the substrate it is good to add crumb of coal and bricks.
Aihrizron photo
Photo Aihrizron
Photo Aihrizron
Aihrizron photo
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Aichrizon photo 4
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