Allium Photo

Allium belongs to the onion family. In the photo, the allium is very similar to the onion or garlic, of which he is a relative. The leaves and stem of the allium exude a specific odor that is characteristic of the representatives of this species. Decorative forms of the allium are more than a hundred. The flowering period of the plant is the end of spring, but there are also autumn specimens. As a decorative allium I use thanks to the globular shape of the plant's inflorescences.
Allium Photo
Photo Allium
Photo Allium
Allium Photo
Allium photo 2
Allium photo 3
Allium photo 4
Allium photo 5
Allium photo 6
Allium photo 7
Allium photo 8
Allium photo 9
Allium photo 10
Allium photo 11
Allium photo 12
Allium photo 13

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