Антуриум фото

Anthurium or in another way, a flamingo flower was brought to Europe from South America. He likes scattered light and partial shade, especially light is required in winter. He does not like drafts. In the photo, the anturium resembles a large bright red leaf. In this case, the flower is poisonous, so when choosing a place, make sure that it is not accessible to children and animals. Anthurium is one of the most popular representatives of the aryid family. In the photo, the anthurium strongly resembles feces. This is an evergreen plant, the leaves of which are cordate and glossy. Leaves of anthurium are dark green, elongated and large. Inflorescences are original in shape and color: from white to maroon. The plant is very whimsical, loves well-heated rooms. It is believed that the plant is intended only for men and brings them good luck.
Антуриум фото
фотография Антуриум
Photo Anthurium
Антуриум фото
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