Bamboo pictures

Bamboo (Arundinaria) is a decorative - deciduous species, belongs to the family of cereals, the natural climate for which is the subtropics. In the photo, bamboo can be shown placed in water. For this genus, lignified, hollow inside the stems are characteristic, at the ends of which shoots are found, and inflorescences are similar to spikelets. If in nature it blossoms and fructifies, it means that it will soon die, and at home it does not blossom at all. The plant is light-loving, loves moderate watering, multiplies by dividing the bush and is unsuitable for small-sized premises.
Bamboo pictures
Photo Bamboo
Photo Bamboo
Bamboo pictures
Bamboo photo 2
Bamboo photo 3
Bamboo photo 4
Bamboo photo 5
Bamboo photo 6
Bamboo photo 7
Bamboo photo 8
Bamboo photo 9
Bamboo photo 10
Bamboo photo 11
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Bamboo photo 13

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