Begonia photo

Begonia, popularly known as Napoleon's ear, can not help fascinating with its modest and charming beauty. There are several varieties of this plant, but most often it is universal for the garden and the house. In the photo, begonia can be represented in different roles, both with modest little buds, and with gentle lush colors. Begonia - a room and yard potted tuberous plant, which has a fragile watery stem, 5-finite thin shiny green leaves and large double flowers of different colors. In the photo, begonia is always depicted in a dense flower cover, in reality the bush can withstand no more than 5 flowers at the same time.
Begonia photo
Photo Begonia
Photo Begonia
Begonia photo
Begonia photo 2
Begonia photo 3
Begonia photo 4
Begonia photo 5
Begonia photo 6
Begonia photo 7
Begonia photo 8
Begonia photo 9
Begonia photo 10
Begonia photo 11
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Begonia photo 13
Begonia photo 14

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