Cowberry Photo

Cowberry - a perennial shrub that reaches a height of up to 25 centimeters. Berries and cranberry leaves are very useful. They have a wide range of medicinal properties and have long been recognized in both scientific and folk medicine. With the value of cowberries, her beauty can compete. On a photo of a cowberry has small oval leaves of a gentle-green color and set of berries of beautiful coral color.
Cowberry Photo
Photo of Cowberry
Photo Cowberry
Cowberry Photo
Cowberry photo 2
Cowberry photo 3
Cowberry photo 4
Cowberry photo 5
Cowberry photo 6
Cowberry photo 7
Cowberry photo 8
Cowberry photo 9
Cowberry photo 10
Cowberry photo 11
Cowberry photo 12
Cowberry photo 13

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