Cyclamen Photo

Cyclamen is a popular indoor, perennial plant. In the photo, the cyclamen is depicted in all its glory during flowering, the flowers are located on long stems, resemble fluttering butterflies and have a large number of different colors. Cyclamen blooms at a time when most plants have long since faded. The flowering period can begin from October and last until the end of March. Cyclamen is a small ornamental plant, also known as the alpine violet, so nicknamed for its incredible similarity with this flower. Despite its exactingness, it firmly occupies a leading position in the list of the most preferred domestic plants. In the photo the cyclamen is similar to a violet and differs in the same variety of color shades.
Cyclamen Photo
Photo Cyclamen
Photo Cyclamen
Cyclamen Photo
Cyclamen photo 2
Cyclamen photo 3
Cyclamen photo 4
Cyclamen photo 5
Cyclamen photo 6
Cyclamen photo 7
Cyclamen photo 8
Cyclamen photo 9
Cyclamen photo 10
Cyclamen photo 11
Cyclamen photo 12
Cyclamen photo 13
Cyclamen photo 14
Cyclamen photo 15

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