Декабрист фото

The Decembrist is a magnificent houseplant, whose height reaches 40. See Decembrist, sometimes surprises with its marvelous transformation, from the inconspicuous flower in summer, into something beautiful, closer to the Christmas holidays. In the photo the Decembrist is full of tubular, multi-tiered, wonderful flowers of bright colors. Decembrist, he also christmas cactus got its name for flowering in late December. Refers to the Cactus family. The plant has arched branchy shoots, consisting of leaf-shaped segments, 3 - 4 cm in length and soft spines. On the photo of the Decembrist it looks very elegant - multi-tiered flowers, lilac, with stamens hanging downward. The plant is not whimsical, but requires good lighting.
Декабрист фото
Photo of The Decembrist
Photo The Decembrist
Декабрист фото
Decembrist photo 2
Decembrist photo 3
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