Ficus rubber picture

Ficus rubber is a simple house plant, which is very common in beginner gardeners. Ficus was named rubber-bearing because of the high content of rubber in its juice. In the photo, the rubber figurine is depicted with a thin but durable wood stalk, and elongated cordate, juicy leaves. Ficus is famous for its unpretentiousness, without requiring excessive care. Ficus rubber or elastic is revered as a tree of family well-being and is one of the most popular indoor cultures. Buddhists are revered as a sacred plant. In the photo, the ficus is rubbery, and its leaves are shiny, leathery, oval with a sharp end. The leaves are green and dark green in color, and the young leaves are pinkish-brownish. In the recent past, this plant was grown in industry to produce rubber, as the name still speaks of.
Ficus rubber picture
Picture Ficus rubber
Photo Ficus of the rubber
Ficus rubber picture
Ficus rubber photo 2
Ficus rubber photo 3
Ficus rubber photo 4
Ficus rubber photo 5
Ficus rubber photo 6
Ficus rubber photo 7
Ficus rubber photo 8
Ficus rubber photo 9
Ficus rubber photo 10
Ficus rubber photo 11
Ficus rubber photo 12
Ficus rubber photo 13
Ficus rubber photo 14

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