Hyacinth Photo

Hyacinth is a genus of beautiful floral plants that contains 3 species. In the photo, the hyacinth has a fleshy stem, with the xiphid leaves growing at the base, and large inflorescences of a wide variety of colors. This plant should be planted in lighted areas, avoiding direct sunlight. It is important to remember that oversaturation of the ground with water will lead to the death of the plant.

Hyacinth Photo
Photo of Hyacinth
Photo Hyacinth
Hyacinth Photo
Hyacinth photo 2
Hyacinth photo 3
Hyacinth photo 4
Hyacinth photo 5
Hyacinth photo 6
Hyacinth photo 7
Hyacinth photo 8
Hyacinth photo 9
Hyacinth photo 10
Hyacinth photo 11
Hyacinth photo 12
Hyacinth photo 13

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