Gladiolus pictures

Gladiolus is a perennial plant of the family tuberous. In the photo, the gladiolus is depicted as a set of flowers that sit alone - on one against, on a long stem. There are more than 200 species, home to which are the subtropics of Africa, Europe, the Mediterranean, Asia. The stems are tall, solitary, from 50 up to a meter and a half, leaves 50 up to 80 cm, By the size and shape of the shares, and the fruit - the tricuspid box. Propagated by the division of corms. If the plant is properly cared for, it will thank with its colors (color from white to black).

Gladiolus pictures
Photo Gladiolus
Photo Gladiolus
Gladiolus pictures
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Gladiolus photo 3
Gladiolus photo 4
Gladiolus photo 5
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Gladiolus photo 7
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