Peas photos

Peas are an annual plant of the Bobov family. Vegetable, forage and grain crops. Leaves of pea sizo - green, oval with long branchy antennae. Flowers are relatively large, from 1, 5 to 3, 5 cm in length, with white, pink, reddish, purple or yellowish corolla and five-membered perianth. In the photo, peas are depicted with a ripe fruit - a bean. Beans are used for food, leaves and seeds serve as medicinal raw materials.
Peas photos
Photo Peas
Photo Peas
Peas photos
Peas photo 2
Peas photo 3
Peas photo 4
Peas photo 5
Peas photo 6
Peas photo 7
Peas photo 8
Peas photo 9
Peas photo 10
Peas photo 11
Peas photo 12
Peas photo 13
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Peas photo 15
Peas photo 16

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