Ipomoe photos

Ipomea is an ornamental plant, with unusually lovely flowers. Seeing the morning glory in the photo, you will be surprised, this is often seen on the street - loach, which we take for a weed. The flowers of the morning glory resemble a very open bell. Its color is the most diverse from white to violet. Ipomea, a plant belonging to the genus Voyunk. In the photo, morning glory or bagatas resembles a vine, as it happens in the form of a vine, a potted plant or just a garden plant. Evergreen, woody bottom. Leaves are heart-shaped. Flowers grow in the form of umbrellas of lilac color, very large. The flowering period is long and abundant.

Ipomoe photos
Photo of Ipomea
Photo Ipomoea
Ipomoe photos
Ipomoe photo 2
Ipomoe photo 3
Ipomoe photo 4
Ipomoe photo 5
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Ipomoe photo 7
Ipomoe photo 8
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