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Calla belongs to the family of Aroids. Calla differs from other representatives of the genus with a chic inflorescence - a cob with a large veil. On the photo the calla is presented blooming and you can see the original structure of the flower. Growing callas on the boggy meadows of the tropics of South Africa. There is an opinion that it is possible to grow an exotic flower only in greenhouses. But in fact, the flower is not whimsical at all, and is quite comfortable in the room. Kalla is an ornamental plant amazed by its beauty. The flowers of this plant are of the most unimaginable color. Growing a calla at home is extremely difficult, this capricious flower is used to greenhouses. On the photo of a calla, like an impeccable glass on a long leg. This flower is unusually beautiful, therefore its use in bouquets does not cause any doubts. Kalla - perennial flowers have an intricate shape. On the photo of the calla we see that the flower is wrapped in a tube, and has a pointed tip long from 15 see up to 40 see width of 10 cm. Has a thick rhizome and strong stalk. The leaves are located at the bottom, and have a dark green glossy color.

Calla photo
Photo Calla
Photo Calla
Calla photo
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