Kampsis photos

Kampsis are decorative deciduous creepers, breathtaking with their beauty, with developed air roots. Leaves can reach 25 cm in length. On the photo there is a campsis with large orange-scarlet flowers collected in the most beautiful apical inflorescence. The perfect place for a lovely creeper is the warm wall of the house. The kampsis will grow very quickly and completely cover it with its magnificent lianas.

Kampsis photos
Photo Kampsis
Photo Kampsis
Kampsis photos
Kampsis photo 2
Kampsis photo 3
Kampsis photo 4
Kampsis photo 5
Kampsis photo 6
Kampsis photo 7
Kampsis photo 8
Kampsis photo 9
Kampsis photo 10
Kampsis photo 11
Kampsis photo 12
Kampsis photo 13

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