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Isolepis graceful or reed drooping this plant - ornamental - deciduous, sedge family, which was removed from the reeds, it includes more 150 species of small sedge plants, but in the rooms of them only one is grown. In the photo the reed looks elegant, like a green, beautiful lump of thin and threadlike stems. The natural environment for him is the humid subtropics and tropics (East India). This herbaceous, perennial, small plant with leaves about 25 cm in length and a height of more than 30 cm, on the tips of which there are small, sharp denticles - inflorescences. The difficulty of growing is low, he prefers diffuse lighting, spraying and annual transplant. It can be used as an ampel, if it is suspended in a plant pot, and if the pot with a plant is half-submerged in water, the aquarium decoration will be obtained.

Reeds photo
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Reeds photo
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