Litopsy Photo

Lithops are succulent plants. They have the most bizarre forms. In the photo, lithopses are difficult to distinguish from stones. They are so called - living stones. The coloring of the "leaves" of these plants is both monotonous and spotted and varies from green to gray and even black. If you please the pet, then he will please with blossoming. Inflorescences of lithops have the form of a bell, looking to the sky, and come in a variety of colors. Litopsy or "Living stones" are super succulent plants, representatives of the Aisoin family. In the photo, lithopses resemble stones or multicolored pebbles. Lithops have two "fleshy" leaves with deep depressions. A variety of colors on the surface of the leaves, which are very attractive to plant collectors. In autumn, between the leaves grow white, yellow or pink, like brushes flowers.

Litopsy Photo
Photo Lithops
Photo Lithops
Litopsy Photo
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