Oncidium photo

Oncidium is a perennial herbaceous plant belonging to the family of orchids. There are about 750 species. In the photo, the oncidum resembles iris. Color is usually in yellow-brown tones. Flowers form a racemose inflorescence of various forms. The length of the inflorescence ranges from 15 cm to 5 meters. Tsveti oncidium can at any time of the year. The flowers are very fragrant and long-living.
Oncidium photo
фотография Онцидиум
Photo Oncidium
Oncidium photo
Онцидиум фото 2
Онцидиум фото 3
Онцидиум фото 4
Онцидиум фото 5
Онцидиум фото 6
Онцидиум фото 7
Онцидиум фото 8
Онцидиум фото 9
Онцидиум фото 10
Онцидиум фото 11

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