Palma Photo

Palma - counts 1500 thousand species, among them there are palm trees, and palm shrubs. In the photo, a palm tree, or to be more precise a date palm tree, is a tree with fruits growing on it. Although the palm has no rings of life, and there is no bark, it is more correct to consider it a herbaceous plant, although it looks very much like a tree. Palma - plants of the family monocotyledons. In the photo, a palm tree is depicted as a tree, branches on which there are only on the top. The trunk does not branch, the leaves are pinnate or fan-shaped. It is used as an agricultural crop. Also used in cooking, and for furniture (wicker). Leaves can serve as the roofs of arbors. It is grown, as decorative, beautiful plants.
Palma Photo
фотография Пальма
Photo Palma
Palma Photo
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